The John Rose Award

As the 21st century unfolds, environmental science is becoming increasingly sophisticated and ever more relevant. There has never been a greater need for understanding and solutions, from society as well as specialists. The Institution of Environmental Sciences is therefore pleased to announce the launch of the 2014 John Rose Award to honour and publicise a piece of outstanding post-graduate environmental science research that will inform and motivate the general public.

The 2014 John Rose award champions the crucial role communication of environmental science research has in ensuring the well-being of humanity. The mission of the award is to ensure an exceptional piece of post-graduate research fulfils its potential by publicising it beyond the scientific community. A £1,000 grant will be awarded to a project that demonstrates innovative, quality research in environmental sciences. The grant will be used for media training and the dissemination of the winner’s project, aiding in promoting the work as widely as possible and so maximise its value.

The award’s professional media training is tailored for scientists, and will enhance the publication of the research. This will give the award winner the skills to convey their research in an engaging and accessible way for a wider audience. This is a rare opportunity to advance on graduate skills that may help to bridge the gap between study and employment. In environmental science, there is a pressing need for environmentalists to communicate effectively with media professionals and the wider public, so the media training will further professional development and supply valuable skills for a career in the environmental sciences.

"Thank you to the John Rose Award for enabling me to share my research with the wider audience, I could not have done this alone! It’s a great feeling to be able to engage the public with a topic that I find so interesting, and having the opportunity to make a short animated video clip [about it] almost brings my research to life. I’m so grateful to the John Rose Award and the IES, and I am sure that having this award will help in my future endeavours." - Alpa Patel, 2013 Winner. 

“Winning the John Rose Award in 2012 has definitely been a catalyst for my career. I was able to use the award to leverage further funding to turn the results of my PhD into fun images and an interactive website (‘Future Bristol’) for public engagement. The site has caught the attention of a range of people, has won international awards for design... It has also given me a platform to successfully bid for further research funding and begin to build a career in public engagement, climate change and low carbon futures... I was thrilled that winning the John Rose Award allowed me to do this, and that it has continued to lead to exciting opportunities. Thank you!” - The 2012 winner, Rose Bailey

“Speaking at the Royal Society and various user group meetings has been really cool and getting my research out into the public domain is very satisfying. The Award has really opened doors of opportunity to me... . I definitely think the John Rose Award helped me to secure [my] job. So thanks to you, and the IES for all your help.” - The 2008 winner, Samantha Lawrence.

"It was an honour to be awarded the John Rose award 2009 and I feel it will open many doors for my future career. The opportunity to make a video about my research is something I could not have done without the award. It is great to be able to make the general public aware of my research and how it will help the future stock enhancement and sustainability of one of our valuable seafood resources.” - The 2009 winner, Carly Daniels.

Closing Date for Applications: 11th August 2014.
Download a poster to display in your department (pdf).

The Ian McCrae Award

The Ian McCrae Award seeks to support the professional development of early career air quality professionals. This award acts as a memorial to the life and work of Dr Ian McCrae, who was an internationally-respected air quality scientist and was instrumental in setting up IAQM.

The annual award will be a grant of up to £1000 for early career professionals to attend an air quality conference in the UK or abroad. The prize money can be put towards the cost of the conference fee, travel to the conference and accommodation. The award is open to IAQM members in their early career (the first ten years years). The £1000 can be split between two candidates with the proportion of the grant going to each candidate being at the IAQM Committee’s discretion.

Closing Date for Applications: Applications can be submitted between 1st July and 1st November for a conference taking place any time in the following 12 months.

John Rose 2009 winner

John Rose 2010 winner

Award information packs

An information pack providing further details about the John Rose Award.

An information pack providing further information about the Ian McCrae Travel Award.

Award application forms

An application form for the John Rose Award.

An application form for the Ian McCrae Travel Award.

2012 John Rose Winner

Bristol Futures The winner of the IES’ 2012 John Rose Prize has launched an interactive website called Future Bristol (FutureBristol), aimed at exploring and communicating possible low carbon futures for Bristol as part of the city’s public engagement strategy for the 2015 European Green Capital bid.

After winning the £1,000 grant that accompanies the John Rose Award, Rose attracted further funding from Bristol City Council and the Bristol Green Capital Partnership’s Community Challenge Fund. This money allowed her to commission the construction of the website with artwork from Andy Council.

GEES Technician of the Year

University technical staff make a vital contribution to the success of their institution on many fronts, not least the teaching and learning experience. To recognise this, the Higher Education Academy offer a series of Technician of the Year Awards across the STEM disciplines; a series of prestigious awards that celebrate the technician’s contribution to teaching and learning activities and to the wider HE student experience.

The ‘HEA Geography Earth & Environmental Sciences technician of the Year’ award will be presented at the HEA STEM Annual Conference 30 Apr 2014 - 1 May 2014 at the University of Edinburgh. The winner will receive £250 in recognition of their contribution to GEES learning and teaching.

Closing date: 1st February 2014