IES Lead Energy Assessor Register

ESOS LogoThe IES have been approved to offer a membership register of professionals able to act as Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) Lead Assessors.

What is ESOS?

The UK Government introduced the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) in response to the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU). ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria. Further information about the ESOS scheme can be found in the DECC Guide to ESOS (pdf). Companies that qualify need to appoint a Lead Assessor from an approved professional body register to undertake an energy audit and ESOS assessment. The IES has been approved by the Environment Agency to offer a professional body register.

How can I join the register of IES Lead Assessor?

If you are a Full Member or Fellow of the Institution with two years professional experience of energy assessment and audit, you are eligible to apply to join the IES Lead Energy Assessor Register.

Application involves completion of an ESOS Lead Energy Assessor competency report to illustrate that you meet the required technical and non-technical competencies of the PAS 51215 standard (available from the BSI shop). Please download and complete the LEA competency report and send a copy to the Institution along with your application fee. 

This will be reviewed by a technical reviewer and if you are successful in completing the screening you will be invited to attend a one-day workshop. The workshop will cover the ESOS requirements in detail, and will include an assessment at the end. If you successfully pass the assessment your name will be added to the IES LEA register.

Useful external links

ESOS Guidance (pdf)
ESOS Website
ESOS Compliance Notification
Approaches to ESOS audits

Relevant documents

A form to apply for the IES Lead Energy Assessor Register.

Application information for those applying to join the IES Lead Energy Assesor Register. 

Lead Assessor costs

Application £105
Annual renewal £45
Workshop  £395

Application fees include subscription until the end of the calendar year.

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List of approved IES Lead Energy Assessors

Name Telephone Email Personal Statement
Iain Hossack MIEnvSc CEnv 07988 877 205 A PhD in sustainability decision-support and a Chartered Environmentalist, with a full 360 degree environmental and sustainability experience, translating to effective resilience and efficient support for you. Significant sector experience including housing, oil & gas, food & drink, transport, infrastructure, retail, planning and festivals. Arguably his best talents would be within the hard-to-reach estimates of energy use and related opportunities for improvement.
John Macnamara MIEnvSc 07932 696 553  
Jerome Nessi MIEnvSc CEnv CEng MIET 07817 305 985 More than 17 years’ experience within industry in the energy, oil, gas and environment sectors.  Areas of expertise include
energy and environmental efficiencies, decentralised energy (combined heat and power plant, district heating and cooling scheme) including water cycle and waste management. Looked at the bigger picture inside energy intensive industries to come up with recommendations offering sustainable and financial benefits without compromising the production lines.  Diplomatic attitude and used to
working with different cultures as well as with a large number of colleagues.
Rebecca Pattison MIEnvSc 07584 582 578 Experienced in energy and environmental auditing in all industry sectors (and with multinational organisations), Building Energy Audits, Transport Audits, Carbon Footprint Appraisals, ISO 50001, ISO 14001.


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