SocEnv Webinars: Waste Reduction Series Pt.1

Thursday, 8 November 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Society for the Environment have launched a new webinar series which will explore the overarching topic of "Waste Reduction - Six Months on From a Plastic Themed World Environment Day".

Split into three webinars, the series will be based on the knowledge and expertise of six Chartered Environmentalists from different sectors and disciplines. 

Plastic - Why Should We Care?
“If you can’t reuse it, refuse it!” was arguably one of the most timely and emotive themes the UN had championed in recent times for World Environment Day. Yet, how much of an impact did it really have? Did it impact industry? Did it impact you as an individual? Did it change behaviours? Or did many concede that “Life is Plastic! It’s fantastic!” and perhaps consider that the exertion of living a “Plastic free July” wasn’t worth it? And whether swapping a plastic straw for a paper straw is really a lower carbon, less polluting option? (Much like disposing of perfectly good light bulbs, for energy efficient light bulbs…).

How much effort does it really take to be “plastic free?” And does it matter if we are plastic free? Particularly when all of Asia seems to obsess with plastic?! Is it really that hard to give up plastic…? Six months on… is the world a better place?

Mandhy Senewiratne CEnv - Director @ Fyrefly Global SustainabilityMandhy 
Mandhy's journey into all things conservation began with a degree in Environmental Engineering, minoring in Chemical Engineering, in Melbourne, Australia. She is now the Director of Fyrefly Global Sustainability, flitting about the globe, sparking sustainability. Alongside this, her alter ego, “Mad Mandhy”, is a facilitator for Mad Science, a science edutainment company, teaching 4 to 11 year olds, encouraging STEM and developing the next generation of Eco-Warriors.

Construction, Demolition and Excavation Wastes - Is Industry on the Right Track?
Getting waste right, what to do with demolition materials, what to do with spoil, materials tracking and making the right discard and classification decisions. What if it goes wrong? Who is in the frame, what are the penalties now?

Jonathan Atkinson CEnv - Groundwater and Contaminated Land @ Environment Agency
Following his global travels, Jonathan got his first permanent job at 30 with the KCC geotechnical group in the UK. After two years he moved to Pollution Control section in the KCC Waste Disposal Dept, which evolved into the Waste Regulation Authority.

Jonathan joined the Environment Agency at its inception in 1996, and has worked on risk assessment of developed closed landfill sites, landfill engineering and environmental control enforcement on permitted sites, as well as  a variety of contaminated land projects. He has managed a team of specialists and been a national technical specialist advisor on a number of projects related to soil remediation and waste management as a regulator.