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  • Particle size distributions and the meaning of particle number concentration
  • Sources and environmental behaviour of nanoparticles
  • Epidemiology of nanoparticle exposures
  • Conclusions
  1. Soot concentration as a measure of air quality
  2. The role of soot in climate change
  3. Ways to measure soot concentration, including black carbon and elemental carbon
  4. Defra network measurements of black carbon and elemental carbon
  5. A possible regulated metric?

Measuring black carbon using aethalometers, tThe UK black carbon / aethalometer network, apportioning black carbon sources and PM from wood burning.

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Ignite Series - Adam Donnan

Panelist Information: Adam Donnan
Duration: 51 minutes

Description: As part of the IGNITE series of webinars, Adam Donnan, Senior Executive Officer of the IES, shares his experience, the findings of the research and his advice on boosting employability as part of this exciting webinar. The Ignite series includes talks, presentations and interviews with leading lights from the sustainability sector who will be sharing with us their inspiration, thoughts, ideas and advice on how to pursue careers to build a more sustainable future…all delivered directly to your computer or smart phone

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