Prof. Phil Wheater

Professor Phil Wheater is the Head of School of Science and the Environment and Associate Dean for Student Experience in the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Manchester Metropolitan University. He was elected as Chair of the Committee of Heads of Environmental Sciences (CHES) in summer 2012, having spent 3 years as Vice-Chair. His academic background was originally in invertebrate ecology, especially in using such animals as indicators of environmental change. More recently, he has become interested in urban ecosystems and the impacts that people have on such habitats and how people respond to the environments with which they interact. He has long been a keen teacher especially of techniques for understanding the environment and is author of five books to date covering such topics as practical field ecology, statistics for environmental sciences, and urban habitats. Because of his interests in the design and implementation of (especially environmental) courses in universities and other centres of learning, he has been active in quality assurance and as an external advisor and examiner for a large number of institutions and organisations for many years.

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