Who are they: The Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) is the voice for air quality in the UK, and maintains, enhances and promotes the highest standards of working practices in the field and for the development of professionals working in air quality.

Relationship to the IES: The IES supports the work of the IAQM committee and administers their financial and membership records. The IAQM acts as the air quality community within the IES.


Who are they: The Committee of Heads of Environmental Sciences (CHES) is the collective voice of the environmental sciences and related programmes in higher and further education. CHES plays a leading role in the Higher Education Environmental Science community and advocates for environmental science within education.

Relationship to the IES: After working closely together for over a decade in 2013 CHES merged with the IES and now serves as its education committee.


Who are they: The Society for the Environment (SocEnv) is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated by Royal Charter to license and award the titles of Chartered Environmentalist and Registered Environmental Technician to professional individuals through its licensed members.

Relationship to the IES: The IES is a founder body and licensed to award Chartered Environmentalist and Registered Environmental Technician.

Science Council

Who are they: The Science Council is an umbrella organisation that brings together learned societies and professional bodies across science and its applications.

Relationship to the IES: The IES is a member body and is licensed by the Science Council to award Chartered Scientist.