John Baines

John Baines MBE

Senior Vice President

John is currently self- employed, working as a consultant in Education for Sustainability. He was Director of the Council for Environmental Education (1978-1988) and has been Chair of the PP4SD or on the project management team for 11 years.

His professional interests embrace facilitation of sustainability strategy development and Eco-Schools and his research interests encompass professional practice and sustainability, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and sustainability, and of course Greening General Aviation, quite ethically to lower the carbon ‘sky’ print of his hobby.

He is involved in a number of projects, such as Carbon Footprint Gloucestershire Airport, Professional Practice for Sustainable Development, and Eco-Schools.

He has achieved an MBE for the services to Environmental Education. Among the 40-odd books and education packs he has published, the most notable is the book Food and Farming.