Our Values

Values iconsThe IES believes that a scientific approach deepens our understanding of the natural environment and sustainable development. The professions have a vital role in the transition to a sustainable society and it is absolutely essential that this transition is underpinned by sound science.

The IES seeks to lead debate, dissemination and promotion of environmental science and sustainability. We promote an evidence-based approach to decision and policy making and are devoted to championing the crucial role of environmental science in ensuring the well-being of humanity now, and in the future.

In upholding the standards and importance of the profession, we not only act as an advocate for environmental science, but as a catalyst for improvement. We provide an inspirational vision for the profession as a whole, and the strategic direction to implement this.

Committed to excellence, the IES exists to serve its members and the public, and through innovation aspires to distinction in the services it provides.

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Members of the IES reflect our passion for the environment. Whilst we promote professionalism in the sector, we also have a deep concern for the natural world. This sets us apart from other organisations; we believe that our members not only lead current thinking, they do so because of their affinity and love of science and nature. We are unapologetic about promoting science in leading to behaviour change. We aim to equip our members not just with a technical understanding of the science, but with an understanding of how science operates in context and the communication skills to promote a transition to a sustainable society.

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Environmental scientists require information that is professionally relevant to their day-to-day work. There is a plethora of science, legislation and guidance which impacts upon their work. Our role is to help guide them through it. The IES represents professionals from fields as diverse as air quality, land contamination and education - wherever you find environmental work underpinned by sound science. For each of our subject areas we aim to produce bespoke guidance, reports, events and analysis keeping you up to date with the latest science and policy in your area.

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We recognise that environmental science is as diverse as the environment itself. The IES acts as an umbrella organisation for a variety of specialisms.  By giving these areas of expertise a home and nurturing their talent, we hope to better serve those practitioners and the area of the environment they work in. Environmental Science is based on the idea of 'interconnectedness' and systems thinking. We cannot hope to improve the environment if we do not combine talent and expertise from across all fields of science. The IES firmly believes that bringing our diverse membership together and facilitating knowledge transfer, will make us all better professionals and improve our positive impact on the natural world.