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What is full membership?

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For individuals who have achieved the professional experience comparable with chartered status in other professions. An individual holding a PhD would have cumulated at minimum of two years of professional work, either in, or closely related to, environmental science. More experience is required for those holding Masters or Bachelors.

Is it for me?

Full membership is a professional designation for those working in the field of environmental science, which confers that you have reached a certain standard within your career. As a Full Member you will receive our journal four times a year and our monthly e-newsletter. You will have exclusive access to the Members area on our website, with news, jobs and events.

What's next for my career?

As a Full Member of the IES, you can apply for Chartered Scientist and/or Chartered Environmentalist. We will support your career goals by helping you with CPD, creating networking opportunities and supporting you in making the right career decisions.

Full Membership examples

Typically a member will have:*

Academic Experience Relevant Yrs Work Experience  
Relevant PhD 2+
Relevant Masters Degree 5+
Relevant Bachelors Degree 6+

*Please note these are example scenarios, your membership grade will depend on your unique combination of experience.

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For applying for Full or Associate Membership of the IES.

Full membership costs

One-off application fee £25
Annual fee £138
Retired rate £42
Unemployed rate £34.50

Full members can apply for:

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In 2016, Noel set up his own company, HSQE Gloucestershire Ltd, working as a management consultant. In this role, Noel has been helping companies with compliance against standards such as ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environmental Management and ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS...


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