Application procedure

Application to the Institution of Environmental Science is carried out through a paper-based review process. Applications are assessed by a membership panel which convenes approximately once a month, and is made up of IES Council members.

One application form covers Full and Associate Membership. There are separate forms for Fellowship, Students and Affiliate applications. Please download the relevant form, and read though it carefully, before sending it to the Institution.

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The points system

Affiliate 0-4 units
Associate 5-11 units
Member 12+ units
Fellowship 19+ units & ‘distinction'

Applications to the IES are graded on a points system, with the total made up from a combination of academic and work experience. The final decision on the appropriate membership grade will be with the Application Review Panel (ARP).

Academic experience criteria

Qualification Relevant Non-relevant
PhD 10 5
Masters 7 3.5
PgDip 6.5 3
Bachelors (Hons) 6 3
Bachelors 5 2.5
HND/Foundation Degree 3 1.5
HNC 2 1

Points are determined by the highest relevant qualification e.g. PhD 'trumps' a Masters degree. The IES automatically awards relevance if the course title is included in our list of approved environmental science courses which closely aligns with the ES3 Benchmark Statement as well as aspects from other related QAA statements. There are some additional degrees not mentioned on this list that may be considered relevant at the ARP's discretion. However, for courses not listed, applicants may provide justification for how their academic experience has directly furthered their understanding of environmental science, which may lead to the determination of relevance by the assessors. International qualifications should be translated into their UK equivalents.

Work experience criteria

Years (and therefore points) accrued whilst in relevant employment signals experience, commitment and achievement in the environmental science sector. Applicants therefore must demonstrate how their work is aligned to the sector.

  • ½ unit for every six months relevant work experience at graduate level.
  • Relevant university placements may count towards your work experience.
  • The ARP can award points for partial relevance, e.g. a Health and Safety & Environmental Officer may be awarded 1 point for every 3 years work.

    Application forms

    For applying for Full or Associate Membership of the IES.

    For graduates from courses accredited by the IES to apply for Associate Membership at a discounted rate.

    For applying for Affiliate Membership of the IES.

    Policy documents

    Lays down the rules of professional conduct that all professional members need to abide by.

    Summarises frequently asked questions in regards to the IES CPD scheme.

    To learn more about the IES download our latest Annual Report (pdf)

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    24 days
    until next Review Panel.

    Who to contact

    Lisa Abbott

    Office Administrator


    Frequently asked questions

    More about the grades

    Each IES member has a grade suited to their experience.

    This graphic shows how you can progress through the membership grades: