Charterships offered by the IES

Chartered Environmentalists come from no single profession but operate across all professional sectors. There are over 7,000 registered chartered environmental professionals, their qualification (CEnv) denotes sound knowledge, proven experience and a profound commitment to sustainable best practice within their particular profession and field of expertise.

The CSci designation demonstrates a high level of competence and professionalism in science. At present there are over around 15,000 Chartered Scientists working across all sectors of science. Being chartered is the mark of professional recognition and being a Chartered Scientist allows all scientists working at the full professional level to be recognised on an equal footing.

CEnv versus CSci

Whilst the IES does not view its two Charterships in a hierarchical way and does not promote one above the other, we appreciate that time and financial restriction can lead our members to having to chose between the two. We therefore have provided the following table for members to compare the merits of the two designations.

Factors CEnv CSci
Emphasis Sustainability Science
Skills & knowledge covered Sustainability, problem analysis, methodology application, horizon scanning, influencing, leadership & management, communication, stakeholder management, ethics and CPD Methodology application, communication, project management, teamwork, influencing, CPD and ethics
Number Registered 7,500 11,500
CPD Annual submission Annual submission
Application cost £318 / £499 £125
Annual cost £55 £69
Mandatory interview Yes No
Workshop CEnv in a Day Launching Autumn 2019
Code of ethics Yes Yes
Competencies 12 15
Registration Authority SocEnv Science Council
Established 2004 2004
Recognised by EU directive 2005/36/EC as a professional qualification No Yes
Required grade Member or Fellow Member or Fellow

Join the IES


Joining the IES helps your personal and professional development. Wherever you are in your career, the IES has membership services that will help you gain recognition and progress to the next level.

Benefits include:

  • 4 journals per annum
  • Regional and national events
  • Chance to apply for Chartered Scientist, Chartered Environmentalist and Registered Environmental Technician
  • Recognition of professional status
  • Use of post-nominal letters
  • CPD recording tools
  • Access to our exclusive monthly webinars
  • Regular reports on the environmental science sector
  • Discount on meeting room rates at our central London office

Re-grade to Member

To apply for Chartership you need to be a Full Member or Fellow. Existing Associate members can apply for a re-grade using this form.

For those wishing to re-grade their membership or to rejoin after a career break.

Relevant contact

Lisa Abbott

Office Administrator