What is REnvTech?

REnvTech logoThe Registered Environmental Technician (REnvTech) designation is a competence-based award which denotes professional attainment and expertise for technicians working within the environmental sector. Technicians come from a diverse range of professions underpinned by the application of technical knowledge and skills, spanning the breadth of academia, government, industry, consultancy, and other public and private sectors.

The IES is a Licensed Constituent Body of the Society for the Environment (SocEnv), enabling us to award the REnvTech qualification to those members who meet the criteria developed by SocEnv.

Why become a REnvTech?

Technicians play a vital role in ensuring prosperity and innovation within the environmental sciences, and in enhancing global economic growth. The UK alone faces a significant shortage of highly skilled, technical workers, with demand for newly trained technicians estimated to reach 700,000 by 2020 in higher education alone.

Through varied expertise and practical knowledge, technicians are pivotal in the development of scientific and technological research which underpin society. It is therefore crucial these often-overlooked experts gain professional recognition, visibility and support to ensure they, and future generations of technical staff, remain highly skilled, trained and valued.

Becoming a Registered Environmental Technician signals to employers, professionals and the public that you are distinctly skilled and committed to maintaining a high standard of professionalism through continual learning and development. The designation of REnvTech provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced career prospects and professional status
  • Recognition of your expertise and experience
  • Demonstrable commitment to your profession and life-long learning through Continual Professional Development (CPD)
  • Access to a wider community of environmental technicians, scientists and professionals
  • Use of the post-nominal letters REnvTech
  • Progression to Chartered Status

Who can become a REnvTech?

REnvTech registration is available to environmental technicians at any stage of their career who are able to demonstrate that they meet all of the four key competences:

  • Application of knowledge and understanding of the environment to further the aims of sustainability;
  • Actively support sustainable management of the environment;
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills; and
  • Personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession and the environment.

Eligible applicants will need to have a minimum of two years' full-time relevant work-based experience and be educated to at least a Level 3 in the Qualifications and Credit Framework of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (or possess an equivalent level of knowledge through professional practice).

Candidates must also be a fully paid-up Affiliate, Associate or Full Member of the IES to apply. If you are not already a member, you can apply today.

REnvTech costs

REnvTech Registration £40
REnvTech Annual Fee £30

The registration fee includes the first REnvTech subscription fee, valid until the end of the calendar year. Reductions on the annual fee are available for members who are on a career break. Contact us for further details.

Relevant docs

For applying for Registered Environmental Technician through the self-guided route.

All you need to know about applying for the REnvTech designation through the self-guided route.


Joining the IES helps your personal and professional development. Wherever you are in your career, the IES has membership services that will help you gain recognition and progress to the next level.

Benefits include:

  • 4 journals per annum
  • Regional and national events
  • Chance to apply for Chartered Scientist and Chartered Environmentalist
  • Recognition of professional status
  • Use of post-nominal letters
  • CPD recording tools
  • Access to our exclusive monthly webinars
  • Regular reports on the environmental science sector

Relevant contact

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