What is Fellowship?

Fellowship is the highest grade of membership of the IES and applications can be made by those members who are recognised by their peers as exceptional individuals in the field of environmental science. Fellowship is for Members who have achieved distinction in the environmental sciences profession. Fellowship normally requires a further seven years experience beyond that required to become a Member. Application should be made subsequent to joining the Institution, unless you received an invitation to apply.

Is it for me?

Achieving Fellowship offers recognition of your substantial achievements in the field of environmental science. Fellows can use the suffix FIEnvSc to demonstrate this achievement. As a Fellow you will receive our journal four times a year and our monthly e-newsletter, with opportunities to publish your work. You will have exclusive access to the Members area on our website, with news, jobs and events.

Examples of 'distinctiveness'

Fellowship is for Members who have achieved distinction in the environmental sciences profession. Below is a list of example achievements that the Application Review Panel may consider during a fellowship application.


  • Pioneered new research in the environmental science field.
  • Published a large number of significant papers, books etc.
  • Have the respect of and influence over the environmental science and wider community.
  • Contributed to the furthering of knowledge and education within the environmental sciences.
  • Had an advisory role on a regional to international scale.


  • Outstanding contribution to improving sustainable business.
  • Demonstrated leadership and best practice within the environmental business sector.
  • Lead teams working on high profile projects.
  • Had an advisory role on a regional to international scale.
  • Have generated or developed innovative new environmental technologies.


  • Have developed projects contributing to sustainable growth within a regional or international community.
  • Actively sought out areas in need of assistance not covered by governmental bodies.
  • Developed the profile of a project to be influential on a regional or international scale.

Public Sector:

  • Have attained a position of seniority in an influential public sector body.
  • Initiated an innovative project that has led to a positive impact on environmental policy.

Fellowship costs

One-off re-grade fee £25
Annual subscription £149
Retired rate £35
Unemployed rate £37.25

Application procedure

To apply for Fellowship you must already be a Full Member of the IES or have received an invitation.

Members can apply to be re-graded to Fellow by sending in the Fellowship Application Form with a current CV and any supporting documents.

Please send your supporting references in with your application.

Applications are considered by the Fellowship Committee (made up of IES Vice Presidents) and recommendations made to full meetings of Council, so applications take a little longer than a standard application.

Click the image to see the application procedure:

Fellow Profile

Dr Pete Shaw is a Senior Lecturer in Environmental Sciences at the University of Southampton, and holds degrees in Physics, Environmental & Ecological Sciences, and Biology. He teaches a wide range of subjects, from study skills to advanced field courses, freshwater ecosystems, river...

Fellow application

For members wishing to apply for Fellowship.

Who to contact

Dan Ward

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