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Pictures of IES membersJoining the IES helps your personal and professional development. Wherever you are in your career, the IES has membership services that will help you gain recognition and progress to the next level.

Benefits include:

Grades of Membership

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Each IES member has a grade suited to their experience.


Applications are graded on a points system, with the total made up from a combination of academic and work experience, as shown below:

Affiliate 0-4 points
Associate 5-11 points
Member 12+ points
Fellowship 19+ points & ‘distinction'

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Membership examples

Academic Experience Relevant Yrs Work Experience Grade
No relevant qualification 0 Affiliate
On accredited programme 0 Student
Relevant BSc <6 Associate
Relevant BSc 6+ Member
Relevant BSc 13+ & "distinction" Fellow

These are example scenarios, your membership grade will depend on your unique combination of experience.

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Career path

2023/24 Costs

IES Memberships

Fellow £168
Member £138
Associate £109
Affiliate £12
Retired Member £42
Below £20.25k income 25% of normal fees

Other subscriptions

IAQM Fellow £40
IAQM Member £25
IAQM Associate £10
IAQM Affiliate £10

Relevant contact

Lisa Abbott

Office Administrator