What is REnvP?

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The Registered Environmental Practitioner (REnvP) designation is a title which recognises the level of professional practice of people operating within the environmental sciences. It signifies a standard of environmental expertise, practice, and skills held by professionals spanning the breadth of academia, government, industry, consultancy, and other public and private sectors. ​

Registered Environmental Practitioners are committed to acting in accordance with the best principles for the mitigation of environmental harm and enhancement of environmental quality, use their skills and experience to serve the needs of the environment and society, and strive to uphold the integrity and competence of the profession as a whole.​

​As a Registered Environmental Practitioner, you can demonstrate that you are distinctly skilled and committed to maintaining high standards of professionalism through continual learning.​

Who can become a Registered Environmental Practitioner?

You can apply for Registered Environmental Practitioner if you are an Associate of the IES. You will need to have a minimum of:​

  • At least one year’s full-time relevant work-based experience; and​
  • Equivalent of a Level 5 in the Qualifications and Credit Framework of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (or equivalent knowledge through professional practice).​​

Candidates need to demonstrate their competence in four key competencies:​ application of knowledge and understanding of the environment to further the aims of sustainability​; active support of the sustainable management of the environment​; effective communication and interpersonal skills​; and a personal commitment to professional standards, recognising obligations to society, the profession, and the environment​.

​Candidates can demonstrate their competence either through completing a report or undertaking a Professional Review Interview. Applying through the IES gives you the opportunity to determine which route would better suit you. The REnvP information pack gives more detailed information about these routes to help you decide which option to pursue.

Relevant documents

A form to apply for Registered Environmental Practitioner via the report route

A form for applying for Registered Environmental Practitioner via the interview route

All you need to know about applying for the REnvP designation

REnvP costs

Application fee £92
Annual Fee £34

The registration fee includes the first REnvP subscription fee, valid until the end of the calendar year. Reductions on the annual fee are available for members who are unemployed. Contact us for further details.

Who to contact

Lisa Abbott

Office Administrator