Ethny Childs
May 2020

Homeschooling support

Our COVID-19 Impact Report highlighted the ways in which the pandemic is affecting our members and explored how we can support our membership further. Nearly 30% of members who took part in the survey are currently homeschooling their children in addition to their job, with over half of these indicating that they do not have enough time to homeschool effectively and a quarter saying that they do not have sufficient educational resources. 

During these challenging times we want to support our members who are juggling childcare responsibilities and work. We understand that parents are under pressure to provide their children with structure and support to continue their learning at home and have therefore compiled a list of useful resources for parents to use for homeschooling.  

These resources highlight useful environmental science themed learning opportunities to keep children engaged with the outside world from home and include a mix of educational videos, worksheets and lesson plans.  

These resources are not designed to be used in place of lesson plans provided from schools but can be used to reinforce learning and supplement lessons. 

Why not also play your part in keeping students engaged with STEM during lockdown and sign up for I'm a Scientist Stay at home and answer questions from students and teachers about science and working in STEM. Check out our News Story for more information.

If you have any recommendations for homeschooling resources that you think should be included, or if there are other ways that we can support you with homeschooling during this time, please get in touch.