Oliver Puddle

Oliver is a Chartered Scientist with over 12 years experience in environmental consulting. He is a Senior Consultant at DustScanAQ, a specialist dust and air quality consultancy based in Oxfordshire where he has developed and now manages the firms indoor air quality/occupational aerosol exposure assessment services. His role includes bid and project management for clients across the industrial sectors both in the UK and overseas. Oliver has also gained advertising and marketing, health and safety and research and development skills and experience at DustScanAQ.

Oliver has a BSc (hons) degree in Marine Environmental Science and is an active member of the Shark Trust, regularly contributing to their citizen science 'Great Eggcase Hunt' project. In 2015 he volunteered as a Research Assistant at the South African Shark Conservancy. He maintains a passionate interest in marine issues and is a self-confessed social media campaigner on matters including plastic pollution and sustainable fishing.

He was elected at the 2019 AGM.