Evidence-informed policy: an introduction to environmental policyEvidence-informed policy: an introduction to environmental policy

Environmental policy making has never been so crucial for addressing the interlinking social, economic, and environmental needs of people and communities. 

In that context, there is a vital role for evidence in the policy making process to ensure that the design of policies addresses pressing environmental challenges and that the delivery of policies is carried out with reference to empirical evidence about what works and where unintended consequences may arise.

Evidence is integrated into the policy process from many sources, but the role of environmental professionals and scientists remains of paramount importance to provide the voice of robust scientific evidence from the front lines of working with and within the natural world.

Whether through direct calls for engagement, consultations, and long-term policy partnerships or as a result of emerging research, knowledge, and best practice, there are myriad points of engagement where the voice of professionals is well regarded as a 'critical friend' to policy. To that end, evidence-informed policy is crucial and the role of environmental professionals and scientists in delivering that evidence through the science-policy interface is instrumental to securing positive outcomes for nature, the economy, and society.