Transforming the planet: Our vision for the future of environmental science - summary for policymakersTransforming the planet: summary for policymakers

Environmental scientists will play a key role in facilitating the transformation to a sustainable society. Adapting to changing social, economic and environmental contexts will be imperative, to ensure that the workforce is in the best position to provide leadership in developing multifunctional solutions to the interlinked environmental crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

The Institution of Environmental Sciences’ (IES) year-long Future of ES23 project brought the environmental science community together to outline a pathway for achieving a positive future for people and the planet. The work was informed by extensive engagement with environmental professionals on the key areas shaping the sector.

This Summary for Policymakers provides the project's core messages and recommendations for action to begin the process of transforming the planet.

"The vision is a future where environmental scientists are knowledgeable, skilled, diverse, and trusted. Their role is to help people to solve environmental challenges and co-create a sustainable society where people and nature thrive."