In November 2021, COP26 will bring together experts and world leaders to discuss progress towards combating climate change, set ambitious targets for climate action, and agree coordinated efforts to reduce carbon emissions. The outcomes of COP26 must support transformative change to achieve absolute decoupling of the global economy from unsustainable systems of growth, consumption, and production, whilst simultaneously achieving environmental, social, and economic goals.

It is with this in mind that the IES has collected perspectives from six environmental professionals, asking them for their personal opinions on what transformation means for them, their profession, and for the work of professional bodies like the IES. Each contribution provides valuable insights into the practical dimensions of transforming global economic and social structures and provides a starting point for discussing what must be done to catalyse transformative change, identifying key areas in which the IES can support the environmental professions in this change.

This briefing paper was prepared with the support of the COP26 Community of the IES.