CEnv in a Day - Fully booked

Monday, 29 July 2024 - 9:15am to 6:00pm

The CEnv in a Day Workshop is for professionals who meet the criteria for Chartership. The aim of the day is to put all participants through the full application process.

In the morning session candidates will be advised on editing their Competencies Report by our workshop facilitator. Candidates find this session invaluable, one successful candidate stated “The facilitators approach was critical but constructive and supportive and gave me guidance to improve my report submission. The narrative provided as comments on each competent section of the report was comprehensive, clear and helped me to accomplish the task. What struck me was the clarity, objectivity, knowledge and explanations of her comments, which aided me to further the work and edit my submission for the report. I also appreciated her engaging attitude in attempting to identify my strong points which provided me with confidence as environmental manager and scientist to achieve such a high privileged certificate.

The afternoon is spent completing the report and yhe facilitator will review each report individually and provide feedback to each candidate. Candidates then attend their Professional Review Interview which is usually conducted within a few working days of the workshop. 

Over 650 candidates have already become Chartered through our CEnv in a Day workshop route, with feedback consistently positive: 

...the workshop was enormously beneficial. The instruction [the workshop facilitator] gave was pitch perfect – I was able to use it to clearly structure responses to each competency and by the end of the morning session I had a clear idea of the examples I was going to use. Also my thanks to the interviewers for a really enjoyable conversation and their enthusiasm.”

I found the whole day and interview very positive and supportive and would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of applying.

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Derek Jardine

Events & Training Lead

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