EIA Community debate: EIA for better design

Thursday, 18 March 2021 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

Our EIA Community debates are a forum for thought-provoking, critical conversations around EIA from a science perspective. EIA is supposed to be part of an iterative design process, but all-to-often are done after the design process has been completed. At our next debate we highlight how EIA professionals can use their expertise to influence the design process, and will explore what the barriers to this may be and how they can be overcome.

Experienced professionals will provide case study of examples, sharing their learning and experience. These themes will be further explored through breakout discussions.

Register your place now to take advantage of the opportunity to network with fellow professionals and discuss how expertise can be utilised to lead to better project and environmental outcomes.  

This is the third meeting  of our EIA Community, building on themes from the popular EIA Community Debate: Competence & Digital EIA. The Community aims to connect and support environmental scientists and practitioners working across a range of specialisms involved in the EIA process and to facilitate meaningful discussion on the key issues facing the sector.