IES Training - Towards a deeper engagement with Ethics

Wednesday, 12 June 2024 - 12:30pm to 5:00pm

No individual or organisation can afford to leave ethical decision making to chance. One hasty or ill-conceived action can harm the reputation of the entire organisation and destroy a career.

This interactive ethics training will be delivered online. The training will enable participants to deepen their understanding of ethics and ways to apply this understanding in a professional context.

Multiple domains of ethics - scientific, business and environmental - apply to environmental professionals and it can be complex to navigate grey areas and conflicts within these. For example, how do you react when a client requests a change to your data in a report? How do you establish boundaries with a client that can’t be crossed? Given client confidentiality, when and how can you report lawbreaking or misbehaviour? Participating in this training will give you a better understanding of how ethics applies to your environmental career. It will also teach you how to uphold the values of the IES Codes of Conduct and for your employer, it signals that you are actively engaged with learning more about your job and the role that it plays in society.

This four-and-a-half hour afternoon workshop explains the concept of ethics both in theory and in practice, providing examples of when things have gone wrong for other organisations. The training will be delivered by IES CEO, Adam Donnan, who has 18 years' experience of working with professional bodies and dealing with real-life ethical dilemmas experienced by members.

We will use dilemma and scenario-based training of complex ethical problems to help you develop frameworks to deal with dilemmas. We will help you fully understand the purpose and clauses of the IES Codes of Conduct so that you can avoid professional complaints and use the Codes as a framework to weave into your professional practice. Finally, we will help candidates hoping to apply for Chartership, and those who already hold Chartership, maintain and evidence their ethical competence.

Who is it for?
This training is for early, mid-career and experienced environmental professionals who want to develop their understanding of ethical practice in their workplace.

Workshop fee
IES Member - £45
Standard - £75


  • What are ethics and why are they important? 
  • Science, business and environmental ethics in practice
  • We’re not as ethical as we think we are (why do good people do bad things?)
  • Ethical frameworks and ethical decision-making (discussion of tailored dilemmas) 
  • The purpose of the IES Codes of Conduct and other codes
  • Answering the ethics competences in your Chartership application




The IES aim to provide events, conferences and workshops which are accessible to all. If you anticipate needing any type of assistance to fully participate in this event, please email Derek Jardine or call +44 (0)20 3862 7484 to speak to somebody in person.

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