IES Webinar: Revolutionary food production with 90% less water use

Tuesday, 27 October 2020 - 12:30pm to 1:15pm

Groasis is the inventor of the famous ‘plant cocoons’. They are ‘intelligent buckets’ that can be used to plant fruit trees in combination with vegetables in hot, dry and eroded areas where water is scarce. The Groasis Ecological Water Saving Planting Technology is famous for its ‘Triple 90 benefits’: it uses 90% less water and is 90% cheaper that traditional drip irrigation, while it guarantees +90% survival rate.

In this webinar, Groasis founder Pieter Hoff, will introduce a new project focussed on planting an orchard with 200 productive fruit trees per family unit. A project which will be established with 97.5 million poor rural agricultural families, living in hot dry countries.

Our speaker

Pieter Hoff was born in an agricultural family in the Netherlands. At home they grew seed potatoes, flower bulbs, flowers and vegetables. He is the last generation of growers that has learned the traditional indigenous agricultural methods of Dutch growers. He combined this education with a high education on Dutch agricultural schooling, including an education to breeder in Wageningen University. After school he founded his flower bulb breeding, producing and exporting company.

While travelling to his clients in approximately 50 countries, he saw that everywhere water tables were declining, caused by the excessive use of drip irrigation. In 2003 he decided to sell his company and dedicate his life to develop a new technology for agriculture, that would rise water efficiency through reducing the water use with 90% while planting productive trees in combination with vegetables.


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