Rushlight Awards 2019-20

Thursday, 30 January 2020 - 5:00pm
Church House Westminster, London

The Rushlight Awards are the only set of awards designed specifically to support and promote all the latest clean technologies, innovations and initiatives for businesses and other organisations throughout UK, Ireland and internationally. There are separate categories for each of the renewable energies, clean fuels, transport, energy efficiency, power generation and storage, resource, water, sustainable manufacturing, agriculture and products, clean environment and deployment initiatives.

It is the leading event for anyone involved in cleantech and sustainability, with the following highlights:

  1. Cleantech: 40 companies presenting in the Innovation Showcase of the Cleantech Conference; over 100 cleantech companies presenting and in the Exhibition, including the Innovate UK Energy Catalyst, Innovate UK Faraday Battery Challenge and BEIS Energy Entrepreneurs' Fund Showcases and the Rushlight Awards poster exhibition.
  2. UK Energy: setting out What Net Zero by 2050 means for UK Energy & Fuels, involving the Committee on Climate Change, ICON, Energy Systems Catapult and BEIS.
  3. Sustainability: Heads of sustainability and sustainable procurement participating; the Sustainability Solutions Market Panel with a range of leading sustainability professionals from corporates, including Asia Pulp & Paper, Cummins, Diocese of London, Schneider Electric, Canon Europe, Boots, Great Ormond Street Hospital, International Airlines Group and Manchester University Hospital, and the very latest market-ready sustainable solutions.
  4. Resource: over 20 leading participants in the circular economy, including Julie Hill, Chair at WRAP, David Greenfield, Circular Economy Club and David Warren, Head of Circular Economy Economic Policy, Welsh Government.
  5. Investment: the largest concentration of active cleantech investors (over 50 already registered), including an Investor Tour of the Exhibition and a Fixed Audience Panel of investors and financiers for the Innovation Showcase. 

The Show comprises:

  1. An Exhibition of over 100 of the latest innovations in cleantech, including a number of entrants to the Rushlight Awards and the Innovate UK and BEIS Showcases.
  2. The Cleantech Conference, including the Innovation Showcase of some 40 companies presenting their cutting edge new technologies, with input from BEIS and Innovate UK
  3. The Sustainable Solutions Market Panel, where cleantech companies present their market-ready products and services directly to a panel of leading sustainability and procurement representatives.
  4. The Resourceful Conference, in association with LCRN and the Circular Economy Club, which highlights some of the main innovations and looks at the progress and key issues in rolling out the circular economy.
  5. UK Energy breakfast seminar: What Net Zero by 2050 means for UK Energy & Fuels. This is a must attend event for anyone with an interest in UK power generation, the energy market, transport systems and fuels.
  6. A cooked breakfast, lunch and networking opportunities throughout the day.

The Rushlight Awards Party will follow the Rushlight Show on Thursday 30th January 2020 at Church House Westminster, London.

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