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13 May 2020

Take the next step in your career and join the SiLC Affiliate Scheme

Do you work in the Land Condition sector? Have you recently secured Chartership and are looking for the next step in your professional development? Or are you a recent graduate looking to build a career in the sector? 

Then the SiLC Affiliate Scheme may provide you with the opportunities you are looking for. To further support the development and accreditation of land condition experts, we have now extended our support to take part in the SiLC Affiliate Scheme. The scheme is designed to support land condition professionals to become registered SiLCs and is suitable for graduates looking to achieve Chartership and subsequently SiLC registration, or for more senior Chartered professionals looking to join the SiLC register. 

In recognition that a large proportion of our membership work in the land condition sector, we joined SiLC in 2019 and seek to provide our members with support and opportunities for development.

The SiLC Affiliate Scheme will provide you with structured professional development support throughout the process of becoming a registered SiLC, including engagement with a SiLC-approved mentor and tailored CPD opportunities. 

Collectively, SiLCs provide a vital service to the development industry and ensure there is a clear source of competent professionals in the land condition sector. Becoming a registered SiLC means that you have demonstrated a broad awareness, knowledge and understanding of land condition issues and can give impartial and professional advice in your field of expertise. To become a registered SiLC you must pass an open book exam and an interview to ensure you meet the SiLC criteria.  

The annual membership cost of the SiLC Affiliate Scheme is £50 plus VAT. This fee includes a 20% discount off the attendance fee for the SiLC Annual Forum. 

Find out more about how you could benefit from the scheme and take your next step in gaining recognition as a specialist in your field.