Megan Berry
12 October 2021

CSci is changing

The Science Council has updated its assessment criteria for Chartered Scientist (CSci) to ensure that CSci remains relevant and fit for purpose. The changes were approved by the Science Council Board in September 2020 and licensed bodies (such as the IES) are required to update to the new standards by January 2022. 

To remain compliant the IES has introducing a new application form and revised competencies for Chartered Scientist (CSci). We will continue accepting CSci applications under the old competences until 1st November 2021. 

Specific changes to the CSci competencies and/or their descriptors have been outlined by the Science Council in this PDF document.  

Additional updates 

  • CSci applicants are now only required to identify one supporter instead of the previous two supporters. Applicant supporters will also receive their own guidance and are required to provide brief commentary on the applicant’s suitability in each of the five key competencies. 

  • The IES recommended word count for CSci competency reports has increased from 4,000 words to 5,000 words. 


These changes will not affect those who already hold the CSci designation. 

Those who have started writing their report under the current system will need to submit before 1st November, as this will be the final date that we will be accepting the old format. Applicants attending the CSci Accelerated workshops on 1st November and 10th November have already been sent the updated competencies and information. 

The new application forms and guidance for those wishing to submit their reports under the new competences are available on our CSci page

If you have any questions about these changes, please do not hesitate to contact the office

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