Adam Donnan
6 July 2017

CSci's Next Top Model

Our friends at the Science Council have mocked-up an advert for us to publicise the Chartered Scientist (CSci) designation, but we feel that the generic image of a scientist doesn't really match what our members do on a daily basis (see image to the right).

Environmental scientists wear waders, not lab coats.

Do you have a high quality image of you at work? This could be in the field, the factory floor, the office or the lecture theatre. 

Would you be willing to be one of the environmental scientists featured in our advertising campaign? We are looking for a good mixture of different careers, ages, gender and ethnicity to reflect the diverse membership of the IES - our only requirement is that you are a Chartered Scientist.

Boost your profile in the sector and help drive registration by sending your photo, job title and name to