Joseph Lewis
5 October 2023

Developing on petrol stations: re-issued EPIC guidance

Two disused petrol pumps

On Thursday 5th October, the IES's Environmental Policy Implementation Community (EPIC) published updated guidance for developers on garages and petrol filling stations.

Following the merger of Environmental Protection UK (EPUK) into the IES family earlier this year, this guidance has been re-issued as EPIC's first publication, drawing on expertise from EPUK and the IES Land Condition Community to review and update the important publication.

Read the updated guidance: "Before you dig: What's beneath your feet?"

The guide provides a brief description of the functioning of fuel forecourts, in particular the retail facilities used for the fuelling of road vehicles.

It is intended as a general guide to the hidden infrastructure and associated ground contamination that may be present and is aimed at those planning to carry out groundworks or redevelopment activities involving ground disturbance at such sites.

EPIC is a challenge-led community presented by the IES and Environmental Protection UK. It acts as a forum and centre of excellence for local authorities and others who are implementing environmental protection policy at the front line.

As a knowledge hub for the dissemination of best practice, EPIC builds upon the expertise of its members, including those with first-hand knowledge of the practical problems involved.

Contact Ellie Savage for more information about EPIC and how to get involved.