Dan Ward
15 May 2020

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan

As the representative body for environmental sciences, it is essential that we at the IES proactively seek to enhance diversity and inclusion across the sector, act as agents for change, and lead by example for the betterment of our society, economy and environment.

We are proud to publish our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan, setting out our priorities for enhancing representation and promoting equality both internally and across the sector. With continued monitoring, annual reviews and a full plan evaluation in 2023, we can ensure we are delivering on our commitments and maintaining momentum in building greater opportunities for any individual irrespective of their background or circumstances.

This strategy sets out five key organisational areas of focus between 2020 and 2023: 

  1. Governance, Committees & Employment 
  2. Membership & Registers 
  3. Events & Training 
  4. Communications & Publications 
  5. Education & Accreditation 

We wish to foster and promote a culture of inclusivity where barriers are identified and solutions are sought to dismantle them. We strive to represent all diverse groups, both within our own staff and council, our operations and practices, and promote the representation of all groups across the sector. We wish to promote equal opportunities to all our members and actively encourage prospective members to engage with us and our communities. You can find out how we plan to do this by clicking the button below.

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