Rhianna Jarvis
27 February 2020

Have your say in shaping our Early Careers Network

On the 12th February, we joined forces with the Geological Society (GeolSoc) to bring early career professionals working in the land condition sector a unique training opportunity. 

Showcasing GWSDAT and Ambilytics​, this workshop provided a fantastic platform to participate in training delivered by software developers, explore the range of features available within the software and use dummy datasets to trial these platforms. We hope to take this workshop on tour around the UK and provide our regional members with opportunities to undertake this excellent training and trial new management tools firsthand.

Keep an eye out on the IES events page and LinkedIn group for information around future events. 

The IES Land Condition Early Careers Network started to provide professionals in the first 10 years of their career with a forum to network with peers, improve particular skills and gain valuable CPD. This special interest group is shaped by its members' interests, responding to event ideas and topics aiming to provide valuable development opportunities that can later be used as evidence of development when re-grading your membership. 

Have you got ideas for future network meetings?

We want to hear from you. We are asking our members to shape the future activities of this group, do you have topics you'd like us to cover, locations you'd like us to visit or training you'd like us to organise?

Send your ideas to Rhianna Jarvis via email or submit these through the LinkedIn group, we will then explore these suggestions and, where possible, deliver tailored meetings to support the interests of our members.

Join this network's LinkedIn group and make sure you are first to hear of events and training opportunities.