Robert Ashcroft
15 May 2015

'Health of the public in 2040' - IES provides evidence

The IES has responded to a call for input from the Academy of Medical Sciences, investigating 'Health of the public in 2040'. This consultation forms part of a project being undertaken by a Working Group at the Academy investigating the future health of the UK population. Input provided through this consultation will be considered by the Working Group as they begin to develop practical recommendations for the future.

More information on this project

In this submission, the IES has drawn on the environmental expertise of our membership, to highlight the importance of sustainability and ecosystem service delivery in considerations of public health. Amongst other issues, our input also highlights the potential of developments in the fields of air, water and soil pollution, as well as changes in urban green space, and climate change, to be important drivers of change. We also highlight the need for systems thinking and greater interdisciplinary collaboration in research and planning, if we are to improve public health, whilst recognising the inherent dynamism and uncertainty in socio-environmental systems.

Download the IES submission