8 June 2021

IES Chair, Julie Hill, appointed to new Office for Environmental Protection Board

The first non-executive members of the new Office for Environmental Protection (OEP) were announced on Monday 7 June and include our very own IES Chair, Julie Hill MBE. Julie will be joined by Dr Paul Leinster CBE, Professor Richard Macrory, Professor Dan Laffoley and chair Dame Glenys Stacey in advising Government and holding public authorities to account for their implementation of environmental law. Many congratulations to Julie and the other members on their appointment. 

The OEP is a new, independent statutory body with the principal objective of contributing to environmental protection and the improvement of the natural environment. It will provide the necessary legal authority to implement long-term environmental governance, deliver scrutiny and advice on the implementation of environmental law, monitor and report on progress against Environmental Improvement Plans and targets, and will also be able to receive and investigate complaints on alleged serious breaches of environmental law by public authorities.

Welcoming the appointments, Dame Glenys Stacey said:

“I am delighted with the calibre of our new board members. Together they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience of the environment and environmental law, and a real commitment to the OEP.

We will begin work together imminently, setting our ambitions and goals at the highest level so as to make the most difference, on behalf of current and future generations.”