Ethny Childs
29 July 2020

Mapping your career in the environmental sector

The IES is committed to supporting professionals and academics working in the environmental science sector and promoting the opportunities an environmental science career provides to those entering the sector.

We are collecting information on our Members’ career paths to showcase the diversity of careers within the environmental sector and highlight the myriad of opportunities available for people interested in pursuing a career in environmental science.

Mapping the careers of our members will promote the opportunities and highlight the diversity of career pathways which are available in the sector and, crucially, some of the key barriers which prevent many from entering the sector.

This short survey is part of an on-going programme of work to support those looking to build a career in the environmental sciences. The information gained from survey respondents will be used to advise students and guide graduates as they kickstart their careers in the sector and support those who are seeking a career change.The data collected will also be used to further our careers services, developing resources to ensure that all those pursuing an environmental science career, especially in this challenging time, are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to do so.

Through completing the survey, you will also have the opportunity to take part in a new “Day in the Life of an Environmental Scientist” blog series, highlighting the diverse nature of the roles available to aspiring environmental scientists and the brilliant work being done by our members.

Take the survey now. The survey takes around 6 minutes to complete and your input will provide invaluable insight into the sector and support for future environmental science professionals.