10 July 2019

Nominations open for Science Council’s CPD Awards 2019

The Science Council’s CPD Awards are back for 2019 to celebrate 5 years of excellence.

Have you gone above and beyond to keep your CPD up to date? Think you have an outstanding CPD record? Consider nominating yourself for the Science Council’s CPD Awards 2019 which are now open for nominations.

The CPD Awards are designed to celebrate outstanding professional development in science. They celebrate the professional development efforts and achievements of Chartered Scientists (CSci), as well as the various other registers they offer. The awards provide evidence for good practice and continuous improvement.

We encourage our members to make a nomination to ensure that environmental scientists are represented at the awards. As well as self-nominations, nominations can also be made directly by employers. The IES will also be nominating outstanding CPD candidates from our ongoing audit. If you wish to make a nomination for yourself or a colleague,  please apply via the online nomination form.

Before making a nomination, you should check out the guidance for nominators to evaluate the judging criteria. Additionally, if you are nominating on behalf of someone else, ensure you seek their permission by having them complete the nominee declaration form.

Nominations close at 23:59 on Friday 26th July. Winners will be notified in mid-September and the awards ceremony held on 7th November.