Dan Ward
19 May 2021

Participate in our research

The first research project within our Diversity Initiatives – a plan for systemic change to improve diversity in the sector, entitled "Ethnic Diversity in the Environmental Sector: Understanding the perceptions and experiences of professionals from ethnic minorities", has now received ethical approval to go ahead by the IES Ethics Committee. We would now like to invite all our professional members and professionals within the sector to help in our data collection, through the following ways.

Get involved in the IES Diversity Initiatives to build a more inclusive sector

We are conducting in-depth informal interviews with professionals from ethnic minorities in the environmental sector to understand perspectives and experiences. This will help us understand the opportunities and challenges in more detail and focus the development of the Diversity Initiatives towards appropriate action. 

These interviews should take no more than an hour and will take place between May and July 2021. We will provide a participant information sheet and consent form before participation in this project. These sheets will contain full details on how we will keep data and interview answers safe, anonymised and confidential. They will also provide details on participation rights and more information on what this research involves.  

If you would like to get involved in these interviews, please email Priyanka Bawa (priyanka@the-ies.org), Research Project Manager

Ask your HR team to participate in our organisational survey

We are also looking for environmental organisations of all sizes and types to take part in an anonymous survey - this includes organisations that currently collect and monitor diversity data and those that do not. The purpose of this survey is to gather insights into the kinds of diversity monitoring and diversity support practices at play in the sector, whilst also updating figures on ethnic diversity in the sector. Please ask your HR or EDI Team to take part on behalf of your organisation by completing this survey

This survey will remain open until Wednesday 30th June 2021.




NOTE: Organisations are advised to read Organisational Survey Privacy Statement before participating in this research. 

Keep an eye out for our open-to-all survey

From July 2021, we will be looking for all professionals from all ethnicities in the environmental sector to complete an individual, anonymous survey. This will expand on the experiences and trends discovered as part of the interviews. We will not ask you any questions that identify you, your peers or your organisation, and will provide a privacy statement to detail how we will ensure your data are kept safe, anonymous and confidential. 

To find out more about the Diversity Initiatives programme, please contact Dan Ward (dan@the-ies.org), Programme Lead.