Adam Donnan
24 February 2015

Record your CPD online

The IES has launched a new online CPD recording tool to give members an easy method to fulfil our CPD requirements.

The new intuitive tool allows members to either record individual CPD events or upload a pdf for the whole year.  A progress bar tracks your steps towards our minimum target of 30 hours per annum. The tool means that you can keep all your training records in one place and check progress over time.

If you have previously sent in your CPD to the IES in paper form, we will shortly be digitising these records and making them accessible through the tool.

The IES requires all of its Fellows, Members and Associates to complete at least 30 hours CPD a year. It is particularly important for those holding Charterships to ensure that they have submitted their CPD record to the IES.

The CPD tool can be accessed through the Member’s dashboard.

The video walkthrough below shows step-by-step how to use the new tool.