Joseph Lewis
22 January 2021

Regulation of genetic technologies: call for comments

The Government has launched a consultation on the regulation of genetic technologies and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Current EU legislation has been retained following the UK's exit from the European Union, though DEFRA is now consulting on how regulations should be applied in England going forwards.

This is an area of policy which is likely to be relevant to the interests or work of a significant number of our members, and we believe that the consultation is an important way to represent the voices of science, scientists, and the natural world in environmental policy-making. Therefore, the IES is calling on members to help shape our organisation's response to the Government's consultation.

If you are interested in the consultation or wish to make your own submission, you can find full details on DEFRA's website.

Influence the IES submission

If you want more information, or to send us your thoughts, send us an email.

The consultation closes for submissions in March, so we are accepting member comments, questions, and evidence until Friday 19th February.

You should let us know:

  • What are your thoughts on how GMOs are currently regulated?
  • Do you have comments on the questions in DEFRA's consultation?
  • What evidence and reasoning supports your opinions on how genetic technologies should be regulated?

Remember to get in touch by Friday 19th February so that your perspective can be included in our response.