Ethny Childs
22 July 2020

Showcasing Science

Share your story of working during a pandemic

Here at the IES we are committed to promoting the work of environmental scientists and professionals. As part of the Science Council's Showcasing Science initiative, we want to highlight the outstanding work of environmental scientists and science technicians during COVID-19, across all specialisms and industries, helping to showcase the wide-reaching and interconnected work of scientists.

COVID-19 has affected every walk of life, changing the way that we work, socialise and interact with the world around us. Scientists have been playing pivotal roles in understanding, fighting and meeting the challenges of the pandemic. The Showcasing Science initiative aims to celebrate and highlight the work being done by scientists in all disciplines, through a series of blog posts detailing scientists' stories of working during COVID-19.

Whether you are an air quality specialist looking at the impact of the pandemic on pollution, an ecologist adapting their ways of working to conduct site visits or a marine scientist looking at the affect of the pandemic on plastic pollution in the ocean (to name just a few), we want to hear from you!

If you would like to get involved in this exciting initiative, please get in contact with the Marketing & Communications Officer at the Science Council and submit your contribution. The deadline for submissions is the 7th August.