Rebecca Finbow
20 July 2022

Why being a mentor can help YOUR career

Mentoring with the IES banner

The idea of guiding someone else in their career can feel like a big responsibility. However, the role of mentor isn’t to have all of the answers. It is to be able to share your knowledge, perspective and experience and to act as a sounding-board to their ideas and proposed solutions.

Furthermore, being a mentor isn't exclusively for the most experienced professionals. In fact if you are in your early career you may be perfectly suited to support someone looking for their first role in the sector. Equally if you have recently achieved Chartership status you are well positioned to guide someone else through this process. 

Whatever stage of your career you are at, you have skills and experience that can help someone reach their goals.

Mentoring has clear benefits for the mentee, but why become a mentor?

If you are ready to benefit from being a mentor, check out our IES Mentoring Handbook for more information about the range of mentoring opportunities available and how our new bespoke mentoring platform works. Through the platform you can also access a range of training resources and guidance to support you in becoming a mentor.

It has never been easier to sign up as an IES Mentor, so what are you waiting for? Sign up here.