Robert Ashcroft
22 February 2018

Brexit science summit: IES submits evidence to MPs

The House of Commons Science and Technology Select Committee is hosting a Brexit science and innovation summit on 22nd February 2018 to identify actions needed to mitigate risks and exploit opportunities for UK science, research and innovation after leaving the EU. The Committee aims to present the results of this inquiry at the start of the phase-II of the Brexit negotiations with the EU in order to guide the Government in its discussions.

In advance of the summit, the Committee invited written evidence submissions to inform the initiative. Full details of the inquiry's scope can be found in its terms of reference.

Building on previous submissions made to this and other select committees, as well as government consultations, the IES prepared a response to this inquiry. In our submission, we highlight key issues which we consider priorities for the Government during negotiations. Focusing on the environmental science sector in particular the submission also highlights challenges which the Committee may wish to consider during its summit, and in recommendations to the Government.

Amongst other issues, our submission explores:

  • Participation in EU research funding programmes, including benefits for challenge-focused and interdisciplinary research. We highlight the benefits for the UK environmental science sector participation in these programmes, and our strong track record.
  • Collaboration and mobility issues, across both academia and applied science.
  • Skills and Brexit challenges for UK environmental businesses.

For full details, read our evidence submission (pdf).