Robert Ashcroft
17 March 2015

EU Nature Directives ‘Fitness Check’ consultation

As part of its Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT), the European Commission is undertaking a Fitness Check of the EU nature legislation, the Birds Directive and the Habitats Directive ('the Nature Directives'), which will involve a comprehensive assessment of whether the current regulatory framework is “fit for purpose”.  The Fitness Check is expected to report in early 2016 and includes an extensive evidence gathering process, which is currently underway.

The evidence-gathering process will include an online public consultation, which all interested members are encouraged to contribute to, to be released in April. However, the IES is also taking a leading role in an ENEP (European Network of Environmental Professionals) Task Force, which has been invited to respond to a broader stakeholder call for evidence, which seeks to gather data to assess the performance of the Directives against their stated objectives.

If you have any comments or evidence which may be of relevance in shaping the ENEP response to this consultation, please email Robert Ashcroft. Input from members is most valuable, as we have an opportunity to ensure the voices of environmental professionals are heard in this important review.


Interested members are also encouraged to join our Ecosystems, Biodiversity and Conservation Special Interest Group, where you can share experiences and join the debate.