Honor Puciato

Honor is a Principal Consultant working at Ricardo Energy and Environment, also serving as a member of the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM) Committee. She also leads an Early Career Network under the IAQM, where she finds massive joy in helping young professionals shape their careers and achieve their potential.

Honor's journey began with a deep passion for the environment, which led her to study Environmental Protection Systems at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in Poland. Building on her knowledge and commitment, she pursued a Master's in Environmental Assessment and Management at the University of Brighton, England. Early in her career, she worked as an Air Quality Officer for two local authorises. She spent time travelling in Australia before returning to the UK to delve into the world of air quality consulting, driven by the desire to make a positive difference in the world.

When an opportunity arose, she joined Heathrow Airport Ltd, first within the Heathrow Expansion programme, and later in the carbon and sustainability team. This experience ignited her passion for airport sustainability and working with the aviation industry – one of the most challenging sectors, which plays a prominent role in modern-day climate change. In 2021, she joined Ricardo AEA, seeking new horizons to expand her expertise and fulfil her desire to make a tangible impact. At Ricardo, she has the opportunity to collaborate with a wider range of organisations to address their most significant environmental challenges, which gives her a great sense of professional purpose.

Honor's role grants her exposure to a diverse array of projects, from crafting air quality improvements and GHG emission reduction plans, to developing a pioneering reporting framework that helps organizations calculate their air pollution footprint, to travelling to the Philippines to forge connections with new clients and explore novel opportunities. She also has a chance to continue her interest in the aviation industry, having worked with several UK airports and being on secondment to Heathrow Airport in 2023, where she leads the air quality strategy work.

Beyond professional achievements, Honor finds great inspiration in the work she does with the IAQM Early Career Network. Guiding and supporting junior professionals as they embark on their own environmental journeys fills her with a great sense of accomplishment. As she says: "Each one, teach one". One of her goals is to enhance the current IES mentoring program, giving it a stronger focus on air quality. She aims to foster a supportive community within IAQM, where members can collaborate and assist each other in their professional development journeys.

Honor believes that being part of the IES and IAQM has enriched her career. The organisations offer a platform for collaboration with diverse professionals, including scientists, engineers and policymakers. The IES fosters learning, networking, and personal growth, allowing her to continually evolve both as a professional and as an individual.

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