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IAQM responds to the draft Clean Air Strategy 2018

Fri, 08/10/2018 - 17:04

The IAQM has responded to Defra’s consultation on the draft Clean Air Strategy 2018, which was published on 22 May 2018.

After inviting member comments and submissions in response to the consultation questions, the IAQM committee has prepared a response. The submission welcomes the strategy, which has been called for by the IAQM for several years, and its ambition in considering air quality more broadly than is specifically required under the National Emissions Ceilings Directive. However, it also notes that more detail is required on many of the specific actions required to meet the Strategy’s stated aims. Furthermore, four major themes emerge from the detailed answers to the consultation questions provided, which the Government should seek to address in its response to this consultation:

  • There is no over-arching vision of what needs to be done to improve air quality;
  • The draft strategy does not show in quantitative terms how the strategy relates to other Government policies;
  • The draft strategy is weak on regional and cross-boundary effects; and
  • The draft strategy needs to give more consideration to the relationship between outdoor and indoor air quality.

The breadth of this draft strategy is encouraging, including as it does most of the emission sources for key pollutants, and highlighting contributions from agriculture and wood burning. We look forward to seeing further detail, including pathways to achieving the Strategy’s aspirations.

Download the full submission (pdf).

Consultation opens on Guidance on Monitoring in the Vicinity of Demolition and Construction Sites v2.0

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 17:06

First published in 2012, the IAQM Guidance on Monitoring in the Vicinity of Demolition and Construction Sites has now been updated, taking into account the feedback received from the users of the original document and to make reference to newly available monitoring equipment. This version also includes a new case study, providing examples of good or poor practice of locating instruments on sites and makes reference to recent evidence on Site Action Levels and the quality control/assurance procedures that should be applied to certain types of monitoring equipment.

When substantive changes are made to IAQM guidance, the document goes out for consultation again. Due to the holiday period, we are putting this out for consultation for 8 weeks.

Please submit any comments to by 13th September.

See the original and updated versions of the guidance

Update to Guidance on the assessment of odour for planning

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 17:37

This Guidance was originally published by IAQM in 2014. In keeping with general IAQM principles, it is prudent to review such guidance after a period of time to ensure that it is up to date and still represents best practice. The amendments, which are tracked and explained in a change log at the beginning of the document, are primarily to reflect changes to other external documents and minor clarification changes.

The updated version of the Guidance on the assessment of odour for planning can be found on the guidance page or downloaded here.


Dealing with uncertainty in vehicle NOx emissions – update to position statement

Thu, 07/12/2018 - 09:41

The IAQM’s position statement, Dealing with Uncertainty in Vehicle NOx Emissions within Air Quality Assessments, originally published in October 2016, has been updated.

The amendments, which are tracked and explained in a change log at the end of the document, are primarily to reflect changes to other external documents and procedures.

All IAQM position statements can be downloaded on the right of our Guidance page. Alternatively, this updated document can be downloaded here (pdf).

Opportunity to join the Early Careers Group committee

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 13:30

The IAQM Early Careers Group was established in 2017 to provide IAQM Early Career professionals with a platform to develop skills, network with fellow professionals and gain valuable CPD.

A year on we are providing the opportunity for IAQM Associate and Full members in the early stages of their career (first ten years) who are part of this group to become more involved and join the committee.

This is an excellent opportunity to be an influential voice in shaping the development and future of the Early Career Group Meetups and gain valuable experience of holding a position on a committee.

Are you interested in joining and utilising this rare opportunity?
If yes, please send a short 250-word submission of interest stating why you are interested in joining the committee and what you feel you could bring to the role.

Submissions must be sent by email, entries close at 5pm on 12th July.

Entries now open to win this year’s Ian McCrae award

Fri, 06/22/2018 - 12:33

Dr Ian McCrae was a very well respected and widely liked air quality practitioner who worked for TRL. He made significant contributions to the understanding of emissions from transport and links with air quality. In his honour, this year the award will be presented to an IAQM Associate or Member in the early stages of their career (approximately the first ten years).

The winner will be given a complimentary ticket to the two-day Routes to Clean Air conference and conference dinner, being held on 29th and 30th October 2018 in Birmingham, where the winner will also be presented with a trophy.

How to Enter
Please submit an essay (maximum 650 words) on the following topic: The draft Clean Air Strategy proposes simplifying the overlapping frameworks of Clean Air Zones, AQMAs and Smoke Control Areas to create a single approach covering all sources of air pollution. How would you design this single approach?

Judges will be looking for well written and argued submissions, there is no right or wrong answer.

The winner will ideally be available to attend the conference dinner on the 29th October.

Entries must be submitted via email by 5pm on Thursday 4th October 2018.

Good luck!

Clean Air Strategy 2018 consultation

Thu, 06/14/2018 - 15:05

IAQM seeks members’ views on new government strategy

On the 22nd May the Government published a draft of it’s Clean Air Strategy 2018, and launched a consultation on the plans.

The draft strategy outlines the Government’s ambitions relating to “reducing air pollution in the round, making our air healthier to breathe, protecting nature and boosting the economy”. The strategy has been developed by the UK Government. However, air quality is a devolved matter, so the document primarily refers to how the Government will work towards reductions in England, although the need for effective co-operation with the devolved administrations is emphasised.

This consultation closes on the 14 August 2018. The IAQM committee will be preparing a submission to this consultation and seeks the views of members to inform its submission.

To inform the committee’s submission, please send comments or evidence to by 13th July 2018.

Please include comments in the body of the email or in an attached MS Word document wherever possible (avoiding pdfs).