Publication date:
April 2012
“There have been five previous mass extinction events on Earth, but this is the first one caused by a single species — us”, Environmental author, Caroline Fraser. This edition of the Environmental Scientist focuses on the theme of extinction. It seeks to move beyond the widely covered extinction of charismatic mega fauna species and instead address extinction impacts on ecosystem processes. The journal discusses the importance of biodiversity and introduces the concept of valuation through ecosystem services rather than simply the intrinsic yet unquantifiable value of nature. The journal will also examine ethical issues around extinction and will take a brief examination of potential impacts on human culture. It concludes with a case studies of community-based conservation efforts working to halt the decline in species and a review of a recent publication that explores the links between biodiversity and climate change.
  1. Lethal Trade: Current extinction drivers - Richard Thomas
  2. What happens when nature is lost? - Mark Everard
  3. Species level extinction: the wolf - Gayle Burgess
  4. Opportunity costs in the pharmaceutical sector - Annelisa Grigg
  5. Preventing local extinctions in aquatic habitats - Bryony Townhill and Celia Figueira
  6. The economics of biodiversity - Rupert Crilly
  7. Ecosystem level extinction: Yasuni Biosphere Reserve - Gayle Burgess
  8. Driven to Extinction: The impact of climate change on biodiversity by Richard Pearson - Stephen Sutton

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