Handling Big Data workshop

Thursday, 16 September 2021 - 12:30pm to 4:30pm

Technological advances have led to the rise in big data collection and environmental professionals now have access to vast amounts of data. This data has the potential to be transformative, but this is dependent upon a data literate workforce, which understands how big data can be collected, processed and analysed to support workflows and decision-making.  

We are teaming up with the Geological Society for the second time to bring you a virtual Handling Big Data workshop. This event will explore the topic of big data, providing expert presentations and interactive sessions on data gathering, processing and analysis. Our speakers will provide an overview of how to use open-source data management tools and will increase your understanding of how big data can be used in current projects and the wider land condition sector. 

This event is being run as part of our work to support our Land Condition Early Careers Network. This network is a forum for land condition professionals in the early stages of their career (~first 10 years) designed to provide support, professional development and an opportunity to address skills gaps. However, if you are a more senior professional and would like to learn more about big data, you are welcome to attend.  

This event is guaranteed to provide you with a rare opportunity to undertake valuable CPD in a friendly environment, connect with fellow land condition professionals, and gain new knowledge and skills in this burgeoning area.  

Our speakers

Big data and land contamination risk management - Paul Nathanail, GHD UK Technical Director

While most land contamination projects will suffer from “tiny data”, we are increasingly becoming able to generate or access genuinely big data. The challenge now will be to extract meaningful information to inform our conceptual site models.  Extraction hinges on deep appreciation of the data set(s), data science and of course risk based land contamination management.  The art will be to reduce epistemic uncertainty and manage aleatory uncertainty by making best use of combined tiny and big data.

Drones and the mass data problem - Texo

Texo will be looking at a new problem to the modern surveyor with the developing field of drone technology. Drones are now mass producing such vast data sets to all levels of industry that companies are facing problems previously reserved for only the largest of projects. Texo will be exploring what this data is, how its gathered, processing and how it is delivered to make it accessible to organisations for their projects. 

Our workshops 

GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT)  - Wayne Jones, Principal Data Scientist

The GroundWater Spatiotemporal Data Analysis Tool (GWSDAT) is a user friendly, open source, decision support tool for the analysis and reporting of groundwater monitoring data. The aim of this workshop is a hands-on introduction to GWSDAT using real data sets. During the session the presenter will demonstrate several aspects of GWSDAT, including data entry, navigation of Graphical User Interface, plume diagnostics, etc. 

Ambisense - Thomas Archer, Ambilytics Product Manager

IoT, machine learning and AI are powerful tools in environmental risk analysis. However, harnessing these advancements is often difficult and time-consuming. In this workshop, we will demonstrate how we can use Ambilytics to bring these tools to your fingertips.


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