IES Webinar: The use of insurance to manage environmental risk associated with the development of brownfield land

Tuesday, 9 March 2021 - 12:30pm to 1:15pm

How can environmental insurance help mitigate environmental risks associated with the development of brownfield land? Duncan Spencer, Director of EDIA, will explore this question and the role insurance can play in facilitating brownfield development and achieving more sustainable outcomes in this webinar.

Using case studies Duncan will provide an introduction to environmental insurance and how it can be applied to development projects – providing assurance to owners, developers and funders that environmental risks are adequately managed.

Our speaker

Photography of Duncan SpencerDuncan Spencer is a Director of EDIA Limited and a specialist environmental insurance broker and consultant with nearly 30 years experience in the management of environmental risk. Duncan is a Civil Engineer by qualification and has worked for a variety of environmental consultants, leading environmental underwriting teams before founding EDIA in 2011.

Duncan works on the placement of insurance policies that help provision against the financial implications of environmental risks associated with hazardous operations, brownfield development and merger and acquisitions.



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