Land Condition Early Career Network workshop - Communication: Getting comfortable with talking about the tricky stuff!

Monday, 30 January 2023 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

This event has been organised in collaboration with the Remediation Society and Ireland Brownfield Network.

Communication is the foundation to building great relationships at work… whether that's with your team, your clients, your supply chain or your stakeholders. However, we don't always feel comfortable with what we need to communicate. For example: 

  • Saying no to something or someone
  • Saying you don't know the answer
  • Talking about risk
  • Talking about commercials 
  • Talking about underperformance
  • Challenging someone’s viewpoint

This interactive 90-minute workshop run by CAPE Coaching & Development will help participants explore why communication can be tricky, what we need to know about ourselves and other people to have better conversations and how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable!

We will also be joined by senior land condition professionals to discuss case study examples of times they have had to manage communication issues on a project, including communicating risks, influencing others and conflict management. 

Introduction to CAPE

Naomi and Lynsey met over fifteen years ago when working in corporate roles in infrastructure and real estate. They are now career and leadership coaches passionate about helping people reach their potential and be fulfilled at work. 

They both experienced self-belief impacting challenges when they became managers for the first time many years ago. The move from being technical experts (Naomi as an engineer and Lynsey as a Chartered Surveyor) and delivering great work as individual contributors, to then managing others was a significant transition. Whether that was managing suppliers, project managing internal colleagues and external contractors/consultants or direct line management.

This contributed to the reason they both became coaches and felt drawn to better understand and help others in management and leadership development. CAPE was created to support managers to feel equipped, enabled and empowered to carry out their roles.  The CAPE Developing Brilliant People Managers programme is a unique 12-month programme that provides learning, a community, coaching, peer support and challenge, and a chance to provide others with self-belief through a social impact element. CAPE also provide bespoke development workshops, programmes and 1-2-1 coaching.

About our Land Condition speakers

Luke Martin: How Self-Awareness Can Improve Communication Skills

Luke Martin is an Associate Director and Chartered Environmental Consultant at ORS, a prominent Irish multi-disciplinary engineering consultancy. Luke has over 10 years’ experience providing consultancy services to a variety of clients including multi-national fuel companies, large industrial/pharmaceutical clients, and Industrial Emissions Licensed Sites. Aside from his role as an environmental consultant, Luke is responsible for the roll-out of a personal development programme at ORS. The main aim of this programme is to provide ways for people at all levels within the organisation to assess their skills and qualities and explore ways to optimise collaboration with their colleagues and clients alike. Luke will share some insights he picked up during the delivery of this programme and will present one tool in particular that all early career professionals can use straight away to improve their communication skills.

Who to contact

Derek Jardine

Events & Training Officer

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