Rhianna Jarvis
23 July 2019

New route to become a Chartered Scientist

You asked and we listened. We are excited to announce the launch of our new CSci Accelerated workshops. 

On 25th September, we will be running our first CSci Accelerated workshop in London, a one day workshop designed to support candidates through the complete process to becoming a Chartered Scientist.

During the morning workshop, candidates will be advised on cross-referencing their long-form CV and editing their report. Should it be required, some candidates may be invited to a Professional Review Interview (RPI) in the afternoon. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate knowledge of sustainable practice and achievements within the five key competencies and subsets.

Successful submission of the report and completion of the interview, where necessary, will lead to the applicant being awarded Chartered Scientists status. Successful candidates will be entitled to use the designation Chartered Scientist and the post-nominal CSci.

We have supported over 300 candidates through IES Chartership workshops and receive consistently positive feedback: “The presentation was extremely clear and helpful, highlighting areas where there could be different approaches or ambiguities. [The workshop coordinator] was able to engage all the candidates from our disparate disciplines, ensuring we all understood the implications of each answer and areas of possible overlap.”

Attend one of our workshops and become a Chartered Scientist through one of the most supported, rigorous and rewarding routes available.

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