Joseph Lewis
October 2022

The Truss Agenda: what does the Government’s new direction mean for the environment?

A picture of the UK Parliament, taken from the air

Last month, Liz Truss became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. During that time, she has reshuffled the Cabinet and proposed major changes to environmental policy, both in England and across the UK. In what was already a crucial time for the future of the environment, the IES believes that the new Prime Minister’s policy agenda must not regress on past environmental commitments.

Following the announcements, significant concerns were raised by the environmental community and society at large, but there was also a natural pause for patience as the sector sought clarity on the exact nature of the proposals and whether the Prime Minister would provide assurances on what the future will hold for the environment, particularly in England. 

With greater clarity still needed, the IES is breaking down some of the latest announcements and biggest challenges for environmental policy facing the new Prime Minister.

What next?

As the situation develops, the IES will continue to keep members updated on the latest news and what it means for the environment. We will also continue to stand up for the voice of science, scientists, and the natural world, working with our partners to provide scientific evidence and to caution against environmental regression, as we did in the joint letter signed by the SocEnv's Environmental Policy Forum.

If you want to support our work to ensure effective and science-led environmental policy, you can join as an affiliate, or if you’re a professional in the environmental sector working with science, consider becoming a member of the IES.